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Kururu Sumeragi
20 May
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Background Info
Name: Kururu Sumeragi
Fandom: Air Gear
Year: 5th Year
House: Ravenclaw

Kururu was born into a half-blooded wizard family. Ironically enough both her parents were big catholics, so before arriving at Hogwarts she was sent to an all girls catholic school where she learned basic values and principles. In her spare time she would study (mostly wizarding books from her father's side) and construct electronical or just mechanical items. She became so good at this that she learned to master building these items with in a matter of seconds. So in other words she can be said to be a mechanic. She has the, almost creepy, talent of being able to know the exact time (up to exact kilo second) up to three hours.

During the summer she spends her time working as some kind of nurse at a small wizarding hospital owned by, Ine Makigami, also her teacher/tutor. As a first impression she can come off as nervous and shy. But once she gets to know someone she can be quite talkative and a little more outgoing than usual. She's always willing to help others out when needed.
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